Web Page Design for Home Inspectors (FastSite4U)

I used Internachi’s Web Page design service (FastSite4U.com) for a new look. I had been using one that I had created almost 20 years ago, and it was very dated (I looked great 20 years younger, but my kids had all grown and graduated from college).

I was very impressed with the professionalism of the design team. The response was quick - the overall process from my first inquiry to completed webpage was less than 2 weeks - and this took place over a holiday period! They answered all of my questions, and made my recommended changes to the web site after they created it for a custom look. They worked with me every step of the way to make the transition easy (I am not very tech savvy, so that is saying a lot!).

I have received very positive feedback about the new website, and my calls for inspections has increased since the web site went live. They linked my old website to the new website, so I did not lose my search ranking that had evolved over time.

All in all, very satisfied, and I would highly recommend this service to every inspector. Well worth the very reasonable cost. Thank you Kim Huggins and the design team at FastSite4U.com.

Dale Cumberland, TREC Professional Inspector # 4540, serving Central Texas for over twenty years.


Welcome back to our forum, Dale!..enjoy participating. :smiley:

Great to hear that, @dcumberland.

Wonderful feedback and sharing, @dcumberland. Your website design team is here whenever you need us. Click “Contact Us” at: