Web page help

Any ideas on how effective a web page is?

How many contact do you really get from this service?

The real question is it worth the expence?

We live in a very rual area and I’m not sure on the effectivness. The chickens really do screw the owls. LOL


It is the best marketing that you can do.

By far, most of my inspections are from my website.

You can have a web site with Yahoo for $12.95 a month. So for less than 1 inspection a year you can have a web site. You can make changes to your web site anytime you want with Yahoo. They have a web site builder that is very easy to learn and use.

A web site can also be a great tool for your business. I do all of my inspection agreements through my web site. A client can pay by credit card through my web site. I put all of my reports on my web site so that clients can access them anytime they want. I created web pages with info relevant to items found during a inspection and link to them in the report when I find a specific item on a inspection.

You can buy domain names for special promotions and forward that domain to a page on your site.
I did this one with my site.


There is a free service called stat counter that you can add to each page of your site. It tells you how many people have visited each page, plus much more.

Don’t buy domains from yahoo anymore as they upped their renewal fee to $35. You can host with them, fine. But buy the name through GoDaddy.

Jeff, getting a website is the best thing you can do for your business. Like Greg said the ROI is incredible if you do the site right. I know guys booking 3-5 jobs a week easily through their sites.

by far the best thing you can do, I regret waiting as long as I did to get a site makes all the difference get in touch with Dom he will take good care of you.

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Thanks for all the imput.

I think I am going with yahoo



Good Luck Jeff. If you have any questions, just ask!


Home Inspector Pro and HomeGauge both have great websites you can edit yourself also. Like Dom said, just buy your own domain name from GoDaddy

I have one of each and like them both, each are easy too edit, anyone with no website experience can have a site online in a few hours, and you can add to it as you want. But you can have a basic, with your contact information in a template in minutes. And like Greg said, Yahoo also has good sites to edit yourself.

But if you ever need QUICK technical support, I suggest Dom, or HomeGauge.

Dominic or HomeGauge don’t push their products on this message board, but they both are great…!!

10-4 Dennis…!!!