Web Site Building Software Looking for suggestions

I’m in the market. Looking for suggestions.

Front Page 2003???



I used Website Complete v5.0 by starfield which was a CD version of what GoDaddy uses on their hosting. I like the CD version, others I have talked to did not care for the online version. You can check out my website to see my evening project over the last few months.

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FrontPage is simplier than Dreamweaver. Dreamweaver is a professional application and may be more than you need.

FrontPage is definitely easier but the code is not as clean as Dreamweaver. If you take the time to learn Dreamweaver, you will not regret it. A free alternative is Nvu that you can get at http://www.nvu.com/index.php .

If you go with FrontPage, try not to use their templates or themes or whatever they call them now. Most of them look tacky and load slowly. A great place to get free templates is http://www.oswd.org/ .

It really depends upon what type of webpage you are hoping to make.
FP will give you a straight forward page.

if you want to use layers or more advanced features such as CF code, PHP or such, DW is the way to go.

Try TUCOWS- there is probably a hundred WISWIG HTML editors.

Just do not try to use MSWord and ‘save as a webpage’ feature.

Another source for FrontPage templates is http://www.prothemes.com/default.php The templates here cost a few bucks but they do look nice.

I’m hoping to re-create www.b4uclose.com

Could I make one suggestion.

Use an embedded auto overflow layer for the main content.
This would allow the visitor to scroll through all the information
without ever losing sight of the header and navigation bar.

example: http://wpcgtx.org
this is a site I designed for my church.
if you go the the sermons or resource pages you can see how the
main content scrolls without moving the entire page.

The above site was developed with DreamWeaverMX

you could do the same with a frames page in FP
but erasing the borders on the frames is difficult and not all
browsers will obey the code.

One note-
I designed the site to load in a standard size browser on a 17’’ monitor.
ideally, there should not be a embedded scrolling layer and the need to scroll the browser itself.