Web Site Hosting

I’ve seen EZ’s Web Site Hosting and wondering if there any others I should consider in that price range. EZ’s Set up fee and monthly fee seem right in line with what I want to do. Any other suggestions? Again, in that price range of $100 - $200 to set up and $25 - $50. per month hosting. I already have a domain name registered. Thanks

I built my own site using wix.com and they provide the hosting too.

I just switched to HIP, free 3 months trial period, free set up, $24.99/month…


Thanks… what does HIP stand for??


Home Inspector Pro… got it.

I’ve also switched to HIP, should of done it 2 years ago.

I’ve used Bluehost for years and have been very happy with them.

If you don’t yet have a sight built & don’t want to build one, HIP would be a good option for you, Dom has templates ready to go.

I have used Yahoo web builder for the last 5 years and it works great. Cost is $119 a year only


This person did mine. $11 per month. Do your own maintenance.