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I am considering a web site for my business but not sure if it is a good investment. Good marketing tool? How do you guys market your business? I am new to this and would appreciate any advice from you professionals out there. Thanks,
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A website is vital for a small business today. There are many ways of creating one. There’s plenty of good advice on this board with your questions.

Yep, it’s essential. Is it a good investment? That depends on how much you’re thinking of spending. If you’re thinking of going out and dropping $5,000 on a website, I would say that’s a horrible investment. You can create a site for free and follow all of the advice on this MB for ranking high on the search engines.

A website is the best return on investment in the business. $25 a month for a site. One inspection booked covers your cost for the year. Many inspectors on here have up to 5 sites.

Make sure you read the post above mine and call or e-mail Dominic for the best Inspection hosting you can develop a business relationship with.

If Dominic does not help get you off the ground, it is not going to happen.

Go with Home Inspector Pro for your website. You can get a free trial and start building your site today. Or get a few sites while you’re at it. Choose a good domain name.

A website is the best investment you can make for your business. I am still amazed at how many inspectors don’t have one.

Thank you all for the advice.

Websites sell your services 24/7 so you can do inspections. Many companies that didn’t have sites in my area have gone by the wayside. If you use an “Inspection Agreement” put it on your site to help drive traffic. Links as well. Be sure to add the link on your business cards. Also, never change your phone number for the business. Good luck! Lots of info here.

Definitely need to get one up and running it is worth the time and money!! Dominics service is top notch and will get you ranked within a couple of months if you take the advice given at the forum. I have had great success with my site and have had enough inspections booked that it will pay for my hosting fees for the next ten years or so. Great support group over there. I may just be biased seeming that Dominic has got my site ranked on the first page of google, yahoo, msn so quickly. Check em out its worth it.

Good luck,

Frank Phillips


We have a “Web site of the month” here.
Check out the sites and who hosts them. Lots of good ideas for you.
Over half were made by the Inspector, hosted by Home Inspector Pro.

A website and internet marketing is crucial to the success of virtually any business nowadays. I build websites and know alot about internet marketing. If you ever have any questions along the way I’d be glad to help…

I would not survive with out my website today. This is my last year of YP advertising. I track everything & get over 50% of my business from my website. Had 3 requests for info today from it & booked one so far.

Now there is more to it than just getting a website up. You need to be seen. I did my own website. Took me 3 months to build it & constant updating & it is worth every second I put into it. I self tought how to build it & about SEO(search engine Optimization). LEARN ABOUT SEO - Trust me, thats what it’s all about. Google “home inspector Cincinnati” & you will see my website in the #1 position. I Also rank high for Dayton & all other cities in my area.

I don’t worry about any search engine except for Google. They own it. I get stats every month & they get over 70% of all searches done online and are still rising.

But if I had to do it over today I would go with Home Inspector Pro He has very nice professional sites & easy to optimize. actually a lot of the SEO is already done. If I get another site & I most likely will, I am going with him.

Good luck.

Thanks Kevin, Frank & David, I appreciate the kind words :smiley:

Well deserved.

One of the best uses for a website is for price shoppers. On the occasions when I can’t win the client over in a telephone conversation, I say, “This is not the kind of decision to make on price alone. Just do me one favor. Before you do anything else, (like call the next guy) look up my website, www.thisoldhomeinspector.com and read the testimonials, see what my clients are saying about me.” I get a lot of them this way.