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How do I add inspection services to my NACHI web site?

In the previous post I asked how to add services to my web site. I read a section on how to add services that were from a list but I want to add services that are not on the list.

  1. 4-point inspections
    2, Wind mitigation inspections

Hey Donald,

I have a couple of answers to your question.

If you’re talking about www.inspectorpages.com/dviehman — then the short answer is you can’t, yet. We’re in the process of testing out a new system that is fully editable, and you’re welcome to join the test by signing up at http://inspectorpages2.com/ . On InspectorPages2 you can edit any page on the site.

If you’re talking about the ancillary services listed on sites like http://www.inspectorlocator.com/ then you need to go to http://www.nachi.org/ancillary-services.htm to update which services you offer.

Hope that helps!

Donald, assuming you are in www.InspectorPages2.com , you can edit any page, any time, any way you like.

Call me at 720 272 8578 and I’ll help walk you through www.InspectorPages2.com