Web Sites

After the discussion about a certain company’s services, I got to wondering how many have a web site and how do you maintain it?

Hosted by GoDaddy…
Maintained by me…

Cheapest you will find (including some of our ‘local’ vendors) but you do have to work on it… it’s not already set up with a lot of pertinent HI info.

I use one of the real estate templates in the Web Site tonight accounts…

And their customer service is *exceptional :smiley: *

That is exactly what I use. Maybe we can trade some valuable links. Out here I added wild land fire links that are not a concern in say Chicago.

I also use godaddy.

Just have not taken the time to get every thing tuned up yet – sort of being repaired

I also like their email



I just went to your site; are you only using 4 of the 5 pages of your website tonight account?..

I just upgraded (this past Jan) to the 10 page site when www.atozinspector.com became available (I had been a 5 page with the old address - a .net)

I had to stretch a tad to get 10 pages filled…:smiley:

lol…I have many sites…lol…

Everyone should have a website…it allows you to increase your advertising exposure without increasing your advertising budget…:slight_smile:


Have you used them Joe?


Looks good, good price.:smiley:


Once you get going, 10 pages is nothing. I’ve lost count as to how many I have. One of the tricks to getting a high ranking is to have a lot of relevant pages and make changes frequently. My home town is Anacortes. Guess who shows up #1 when you google “Anacortes home inspection”? It does take work to get up in the ranking but its a like a hobby that helps you make money. When I think of a topic that will help my clients, I write it down then when I have time I will start research the topic and put together a page on it. After 4 years I have a few pages…


I meant it was a stretch to jump from 5 to 10 in a day. I’ve since filled them all and some are beginning to get a bit long… (thinking only what I’d like to read when I’m ‘surfin’)…

I have no plans to make a site that people can get lost in for days…:smiley:

A few links to relevant information and good info on my site is what I hope for.

Junior Webmaster than I am…:mrgreen:


I have a web site for another business in which I have spent endless time studying site design and optimiztion. No web pro here by any means but I’d like to share some of the things I know contribute to a successful web site:

Well placed keyword content. Keyword saturation is spam.

Text is king. Original, relevant content like monthly articles makes Google drool. The more the better.

If you write good quality articles for your web site, you are likely to have other sites link to you. Google will see your site as an authoratative one and will reward you. This blows reciprocal linking out of the water.

Graphics do nothing to please Google - unless you use ALT Tags describing the graphics. Don’t overload the description with bs.

Links in your site that link to other pages within your site is a great way to improve your rankings.

Have more than a few pages? Use a site map.

Make sure your home page is just one click away from any page the viewer is on.

Do you offer online payments? Then offering PayPal is known to increase sales in any business.

Don’t use keyword soaked doorway pages designed to trick serach engines. The gutter you’ll go.

Don’t create a bunch of web domains that point to your site (cloaking). It’s spam. Many webmasters disagree that this is spam. It’s your call.

If you try to fool Google with tricks you will eventually get caught and end up in the “sandbox” for as long as six months. Invisible keyword text? Don’t.

Consider a Google Adwords campaign. If done properly it can be a great sales tool. Total waste of money if you just sign up and pay for the most commonly searched keywords. You’ll end up with a zillion clicks at a buck each and no sales. How can that happen you say? If the ad is no good - no one will buy.

There are thousands and thousands of directories. Many are free and the rest are pretty cheap. Enter - ‘submit url’ in the search box of your browser.

I pay $60.81 a year at Godaddy for hosting and domain name. Hard to beat that price.