Webcasting/Group meetings and privacy

I’m gonna do some research tonight , but I was wondering which software (Zoom, Gotomeetings, etc) might best protect the privacy of the agents, clients and such that would be attending on-line. I read that Zoom shared data with Facebook, even if you just joined someone else’s meeting. Is that true? Would I have more protection for everyone if I paid for the subscription (seems a little more secure?) with a paid system? If you have more experience than I in this field, I would love to hear which direction I should be searching in. Thanks

Zoom got a bit of flack initially because you could join a room randomly. However, based on how you have your settings, this has all been alleviated. At this point, you can make the meeting password protected, and it is secure from the best I can tell. There is not a need to pay unless you will be having more than 3 people on for longer than 40-45 minutes (Or something close to that).
It seems to be the best one for me. I am sure others have different versions of the favorite.
I have done about 10 “inspection reviews” via zoom, and it works well. I will present my desktop and we can walk through the inspection report via the call.

Google “zoom ban”