Webinar 2PM Central Sunday 8 Dec

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United States: +1 (312) 878-3081

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We will be discussing everything http://www.contractorofficepro.com has to offer. Webinar will start at 2PM Central. I will have the webinar live by 1:35PM. Come one come all.

– $299 (Monthly) All 3 Services
Personal Secretary (answering service) - Web Site/SEO/Logo Design - Business Coach Webinar
– Web Site Only $499 (Professional Design/SEO Friendly/ Includes Logo)
******** You have full control to make changes and have us if you can’t*********
Logo Design Only $199 (Unlimited Changes Until Satisfied). Professional image is a must. All logo’s must pass my final approval. Your image is priority #1. You only get one shot don’t pass up business because of a lack luster website.

Us – $299 per month
Them – Cheapest example for a call center I heard about $25 per month plus $25 per booking. You do 20 jobs in a month. You owe them $525. Another example I’ve seen $300 per month plus $19-21 per book. You do 20 Jobs at $19 your bill is $680.

Us do 50 jobs in a month your bill is $299. Include that with a 2 day business startup webinar and a professional website plus a expert logo design you can’t go wrong. Sign up today to get started 1 Jan 2014. Logo’s and websites can be started now… call or email for details.

Reminder I’ll be live in 30 Mins


I can pay $25 a month and pay $25 per booked inspection. The company will only take my overflow calls. This is reasonable to me. If I paid you $300 a month and you book one inspection for me, I will barely make a profit after my other costs.

What guarantee do you provide that you can book the numbers you mentioned?

Juan I was giving those as an example what others do. I personally think a flat rate will overall save you money through out the year. Yes you may only do 5 in one month and at $25 per month plus $25 booked you would only owe me $150 for the month. Most likely though your going to do 15 to 25 or more on average because I know who you are. So say you did 15 for the month with good advertising everyone should be hitting this number right now especially in today’s market. Ok at 15 inspections at a rate of 25 per book plus 25 flat fee you now owe me on average $400 which if you would of went with the flat rate you would of saved $100 a month. So I booked 25 you now owe me $625. At anyrate I don’t forsee you being cheaper than $299 on any given month. Chose a place like ACC your paying $310 plus a book fee. There is only one company who charges $25 plus $25 and I haven’t heard great things. Rest assure at a flat rate my techs will understand and have the same goal as I do… bring you business. And yes I will be catering to home inspectors and using ISN to book your appointments. If I chose to do a base plus book fee it would be a base of no less than $100 per month plus a book fee. Would you still be interested if I took that route? Keep in mind you have another home inspector mindset selling your company for you… me :slight_smile:

Yes I’ll do 15-20 a month but I can book most of those myself. Why give you $300 for the extra 1-3 you MIGHT be able to book for me?

The company I am referring to is great, why should I use you over them?

If you can do that Juan then why use a call center? I would keep doing what you are doing. And if they are good at $25 and $25 per book keep on with them. You have an advantage others don’t. You have a website in place that works. You don’t need someone coaching you regarding what steps you are missing when running a business. There is many who do and you will get all of this for just $299 which is why one should use me over those who are just a call center. I am in place for those who don’t have the opportunity to have a wife answer the phone and who wish not to take calls while they are working during the day. You appear to need an after hours service am I correct?

Very well

I am live. Join in anytime.

Could not get on. GoTo was showing connected but never moved from that point. Oh well. I hope that it went ok for everyone else.

Would love to join, but stuck here at work till 7pm :((((

Jeff and Jason call me directly I’ll answer any questions you guys have. 314 805 2137