Webinar - ventilation

CertainTeed Training

Jan 29 12- 1

Hi Scott,
I have not seen these webinars before. Thanks for posting this. This look like they could be good and they appear to do it monthly. Do you know if they record it for viewing later if you can’t watch during the live webinar?

Agree. I’m taking the Webminar

Hi Skyler. I believe that once you attend a webinar you are on their mailing list for updates.

Good move Scott can some one post how it went … Thanks Roy

It was actually a really good seminar and they have more to come

Thanks for the post Scott. :slight_smile:

I missed the seminar.
Can you provide a shortlist on material covered by the seminar?
Is it passable to download the seminar once completed?

Looking forward to your reply.
Best regards.
Robert Young

I can’t provide a link to the seminar but there are many courses available at Cerainteed. This is the ventilation course CertainTeed Training

You’re the best. Thanks!