I am having problems with HG and Web root, I was able to restore my HG (not the way you had posted), there were no HG files in the quarantine web root program as you stated, I did loose my entire desktop folder of radon tests. How do I recovery those as it was not a shortcut

Ouch! Good luck David!

here is some help. WebRoot is not recommended:


Call in for any more additional help.


I said it is not recommended, but I learned today that one of our developers was successful at communicating with the company WebRoot and HomeGauge was placed on their white list…?

If true then hopefully this will not be an issue moving forward.

I found the desktop folders (I was missing) as they were moved into the report photo batch along with the HG program icon and HG desktop shortcut I had as well as the online house picture and sketch.

I was able to correct the issues and all is good.

Thats great David. One thing I want to mention to all users is that anti virus software is pushed by Best Buy and other suppliers but it is not good software at all. Years ago it was. But, nowadays Windows 10 and Microsoft Security Essentials ( included free) is far superior. As a matter of fact Hackers are using Anti-virus software as a means to hack now because its easier to hack into the anti virus software than it is Windows 10 with Sec Essentials turned on. MS decided a while back that they must control their OS and they have the resources and knowledge to do a better job than anti virus software that is failing to keep up with hackers.

This latest web root thing created havoc on many software companies out there and HG support gladly helped as much as we could but its the virus software that ultimately should be called for support as we have no control over what they do with your files once you give them permission to be on your computer.

Bottom line: Anti virus software generally sucks nowadays and the best solution for win 10 is the free, included MS Security Essentials.

That is good to know as I recently purchased a new PC with 10 and also bought webroot.

The nerds say to uninstall web root and update your windows 10 regularly and turn on MS Security Essentials.

Of course do what you feel is best.

In conversation they said Best Buy Geeks makes more money on selling anti virus software etc. than they do working on your computer.

I did just the opposite, I will give this a shot, thanks RUSS!!