Website -

But to answer your question, no the site is not unfinished. The site is finished and has been live since 2005.

I think I could do plenty of other things with 11 grand.
I also think its sad with the amount of verifiable people here trying to help home inspectors, you post this hoping a dumb fish will bite.

Sorry I will keep my money. Maybe a new squeeze box for the wife perhaps!

I figured out years ago that Condo is only 5% of searches compared to Home.
My whole purpose at the outset was simply to corner a smaller market when I began.
Finding a niche is key for beginners.

As far as Inspection websites go a URL with local town names included still goes for $10 so do the math.
The URL for sale might be OK on a national scale and seems set up for starting a finder service but the Condo tag is very easy to get rank with.
I think my very first site ever was or something like that, and was always at the top but that did not help me locally and nobody types condominium anyway.
I dropped it right away.
Perhaps someone new might buy it for a jump start.
I have not even checked to see what the key words or mega tags are.

How many indexed links are pointing to the site?