Website development

Wonder which is harder for HIs to do, design the website layout (HTML, XML, etc) or add unique content.

layout is harder for me.

I have to give my wife plenty of time when I want to update my site. :slight_smile:

I would have to say the same thing, the only thing I do is add links from you guys. I honestly have not looked at my site in weeks. In the “woods” here I don’t get many inspections through the web. Most of my calls are from referrals, but I probably should put a little time into my site this year.

Both as what you picture in your head is often limited by the need to have meta tags.
If I could do a 100% graphic site I would.

Developing content is pretty easy after doing some research. But, laying everything out the way you want it becomes quite aggravating at times.

If you don’t know html (which I’m familiar with now), you will always have issues with your layout and appearance of your website.