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Ok,here it is.I have noticed that some of you guys have websites that mirror image each other.Don’t get me wrong ,I like the format.Can someone please help me ,because I know website and layout is 80% of our business.And may I say,hats off to everyone at NACHI for a quality professional organization.I look forward to years of getting to know all of you and meeting those who I can in person.

I agree, I’ve also seen several sites that are very similar to mine. Forturnately there in different states. I’m with Roberta at “Grassfrog”, I don’t think she’d set up another inspector in my area with an identical website template. Over the last year I’ve had 3-4 clients mention that they found several sites that had the same NACHI verbiage. In each case, it was the text quotes from Nick’s book or inspection articles. I could change it, but it doesn’t seem to have cost me any business at this juncture…

Yes ,that is what I was saying.I would like to get someone to lay out a page for me.Could you send any info? Thanks JC

Grassfrog Technologies

Get her. She’s good!

Hey thanks for the info

John, I can highly recommend Roberta. She built my site. When you talk to her, tell her that BeSure Home Inspections Service told you to check her sites out. Go check out my web site and blog. Both addy’s are at the bottom.

Hi all, Roberta here. Just popping in to respond to this thread.

While we do offer over 3 dozen base designs to choose from (, some of our designs are more popular than others which is why you will see some repetition of site designs. We dom giwever, offer a low cost, flat-rate option to modify your design template with your own logo, photos and colors so that your site looks unique and not like anyone else’s. We do as much or as little as you want with regards to changing the core templates when you order a template modification for $49.95. Here are just a few examples of past work:

If you have any questions on our products or services, please contact me directly via phone or email.



There you go John. Roberta has put it all up front for you to see. Keep up the great work Roberta. I am still waiting to take you to a Steak and Shake when you get up this way. :wink: </IMG>