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In light of the post by Nick about Ray Thoroman, the inspector who nearly broke his back, you can deduct $10 off our published price below if you commit to send it to Mr. Thoroman at the address Nick provided.

I see a lot of inspectors asking about Web sites, so I want to offer an opportunity to inspectors who either need a new Web site or want a marketing-makeover. This package includes far more than just a Web site, though, so PLEASE READ IT CAREFULLY.

Please keep in mind that this is a brand-new program in BETA, but it’s about as complete of a marketing package as we can provide. Because this is such a big package, there’s a lot to read, but it’s worth it.

Here’s the package:

A) Web site - This is a single template design that is highly customizable. We can change colors, font styles and graphics suit your business brand and message, but the overall layout remains the same. This template is based on the one we developed for our own corporate site, and it get a lot of compliments. Besides our corporate use of this template, only three other inspectors, one security guard company, and one reseller use this template, so it’s certainly not a saturated design by any stretch of the word (we just began offering it). You can see samples of its versatility by clicking on the following links:

NOTE: We do not want to get into the template design business. There are already plenty of companies that do that. If you like our template, we will customize it to your company with whatever graphics you want and whatever text copy you need. This template is NOT a “do it yourself” deal. We do the work for you, and we can get it online for you rather quickly.

DOMAIN HOSTING: We are not an ISP and therefore are not in the business of hosting Web sites. We do work closely with, a specialty hosting company with incredibly-good rates. Hosting starts at $3 per month (or $30 per year) and includes unlimited sub-domains, unlimited email addresses, and access to everything from Web stats to your own chat rooms to polling software to e-commerce tools. YOU pay for your own hosting account.

SEO and SEARCH ENGINES: Your site will incorporate standard SEO practices, and we will register your site with the top search engines such as Google, MSN Search, Yahoo! and Ask. We don’t delve too deeply into SEO because it takes time and costs money, nor do we register your site with hundreds of search engines because, quite frankly, the vast majority of people use the top four…and it probably won’t do you any good to be listed with a foreign search engine, either.

B) Pre-Produced, Branded Home Inspection Multimedia Presentations - With this package, we are going to integrate our Inspector Presentations multimedia videos directly into the site. This includes our three core presentations; The Value of Home Inspections, Home Damage Portfolio, and Home Maintenance Inspections. As we develop more presentations (and we have six scheduled), we will add them to your site for free. These presentations ARE branded to your company using prominent identity graphics and contact information.

To see how the presentations will integrate into the customizable template site, go to and click on any of the navigation tabs, then look in the column to the left of the body text.

NOTE: Only the three core presentations will be branded to your business. As we develop our other presentations, we will send the complete DVT-ready files to you so that you can assemble them yourself if you desire. The reason for this is that you may not need the presentations, so there is no point in us investing the time to customize them for you if you may not want to use them. Additionally, you may want to add your own flare to them or remove certain frames from the presentations. We’re keeping your options flexible and our costs down.

C) Printable Media - This package will include any printable media that we produce such as door hangers, postcards, catalog sheets, bookmarks, etc. Once again, there are plenty of companies that offer templates for these items, but we can improve on a lot of what’s out there.

NOTE: We will create printable media at no cost to you, but we will require a $15 customization fee should you want to rebrand something we create. This will include adding your logo, contact information and whatever tag lines and catch phrases you want to have appear on the media.

D) DVT Production Suite Account - The DVTPS is an online tool that we developed to allow anyone with a digital camera and an idea to create animated slideshow presentations. It is the exact same tool we use to create home inspector presentations. You will be able to use it to create your very own versions of presentations that will help you to market your inspection business. There are no limits as to how many presentations you can create, and you can use the DVTPS to create presentations for something other your home inspection business if you wish. This is a very robust system, so if you want to learn more, go to

NOTE: You will still be responsible for the Per View (Bandwidth Consumption Fee to cover the cost of hosting and serving your presentations over the Web. We’ve lowered it to 1-penny per view - very very affordable. This way, you pay for only what you use and not a penny more.)

E) Image Library - Since we’re adding the DVTPS to this package, we’re also going to give your our Image Library that comes with 166 DVTPS-ready home inspection-related images.

F) Subscriber-wide Graphics Support for the DVTPS - The hardest thing for most people to do is to create their own graphics, and this scares people away from at least trying to create presentations. We will provide you with a customized Identity Graphic for insertion into your DVTPS so that it will appear in every presentation you create (and we’re quite good at graphics). Also, we will create an ongoing library of images to add to your Image Library photo suite AND “Display Window” graphic for insertion into your DVT presentation’s Display Window. Display Window graphics can be about general home inspection promos, specialty inspection promos, facts and figures, health and wellness statistics, or even ads that you sell to other businesses in your area who want to market through you and your DVT presentations.

G) Training and Tech Support - We get a lot of people who like the DVT system, but they feel slightly intimidated by it. Well, they shouldn’t, and they won’t have to with our unlimit product training and tech support. This includes access to ample photo-rich documentation, email support, and some phone support (if something can’t be answered by docs or email).

H) Discount Pricing on Customization Support - Sometimes you may not want to used “canned” images and body copy for your DVT presentations or printable media. We can help you create customized media at a discounted “subscriber rate” of $30 per hour, one hour minimum. Our typical charge is $40 per hour.

I) Voice-Narration Services - We will show you how to create your own voice-narration files to load into your DVT presentations, but if you don’t want to do it yourself, we can help. Voice-narration will be billed at a rate of $7 per track, 30-seconds or less each track. This includes recording, editing and filtering, conversion to MP3 for streaming, and loading into your DVT presentations.

Initial Cost: $479*


  • Web site development and customization (within limits of the template)
  • DVTPS account set-up
  • Initial graphics development for Web site and DVT account
  • Brand-customization and integration of three multimedia presentations
  • Image Library - 166 images up front
  • Unlimited tech support and product training (not including third-party software)
  • Free Printable Media as produced
  • Free Image Library images as produced
  • Free Display Window images as produced
  • Customization support discounts
  • Voice-narration discounts
    *You are responsible for the 1-penny per view bandwidth consumption fee each month for views of DVT presentations you create. If you do not have any DVT presentations online, then you do not pay this fee.

If you are interested, please contact me by email at


This package can be broken down into four seperate compenents if you do not want the whole thing. See below.

$350 plus any domain and hosting fees

$360 for an annual account plus 1-penny per view bandwidth consumption fee (includes the Image Library as is)

$149 (until March 15th) plus 1-penny per view bandwith consumption fee

$99 per presentation plus 1-penny per view bandwith consumption fee