Website of the Month for February

Well here is another batch of websites to vote on.
Good luck to all and remember that the voting should be based on the criteria;

**Website designs will be chosen based on these simple criteria’s:

Overall Appearance **
**Site Navigability **
**Quality of Content **
**Site Management and Communications **
**Logo Supportiveness in promotional efforts for the InterNACHI Association **
**Efficiency **


If I do not see name and phone on landing it is not getting my vote.

I noticed that too. If you want people to call you, the phone number should be at the top and easy to find.

Well mine is and no one is calling. :mrgreen::wink:

This forum should be educational as well. If any improvements needs to be made let them know. If you like something let them know to so others may follow the lead. Thanks!

Trust me Marcel if I was OJ you can rest assure I have you and a several others here on retainer :wink: It’s to bad your general public don’t know what I do!

Common sense. If you guys aren’t do this change it NOW

I agree Billy, contact number should be right there with the name.

I was just joking, deader than a doornail here anyways.
Doing a flyby tomorrow. Bank draw, just take photos and email them to another company in Arizona. :slight_smile:

Exactly Bob. When I am surfing the net to purchase something I like to see a Phone Number prominently displayed.

First you want to compel the Customer to call, then you want to make it REAL EASY. :smiley:

I have learned a lot over the years form the sharing of info about web pages here, and actually implemented some of the ideas as well. Like how the sample report is displayed, easy to navigate.
Dislike how the 199 Home Inspection on the front page is displayed. If you click through and read the fine print, its for a condo inspection, not a home, a little misleading

Heck Brian as long as you have your kool aide face,business info,and a hook the rest of the entire site is just B>S designed for search placement.

WOW that video is so cool that I will stop my frantic search for a Inspector to listen to this guy ramble about how good he squats next to a furnace filter…:slight_smile: Yeah right.

Took me a reread or two Bob, but yes I agree with you. Hook em in quick and get them to call.

As for music or Audio, the first thing I do on most sites is figure out how to turn it off ASAP, or leave.

Gotta make you work for it.:slight_smile:

Thanks for the votes keep them coming.:mrgreen:

It’s a 3 way tie for 1st. Gonna be a good contest.

Let’s keep those votes coming in, we are off to a good start. :slight_smile:

Billy I like it. Your pic and # for all to see. Plus the rates are great too.

Hey Billy, how you going to make any money with this at the first page of your website;

“I inspect 7 days a week at no charge!”


No “extra” charge Marcel :slight_smile: