Website of the Year Nominations 2008

I believe that it is time to make an announcement and explain to everyone what the Website of the Year is all about.

The participation among the Members have been drastically low and I am concerned as to what the problem may be.

If any of the Members wish to explain or express their opinions on the low participation, please post here or email me direct with my email in the signature.

The Website of the Year was consummated last Year and basically was a take over for what Nick Gromicko had started in 2004, [size=2]]([/size]

As Award Committee Chairman, I saw an opportunity to relieve some of the burden off of Nick and with his permission designed this Website Award.

Since Nick’s original Website game did not award anything, mine does with his contribution to it.

Here is the Criteria for the Website Awards Nomination;

**The website of the Year Award was created to publicly recognize InterNACHI Members Websites in an effort to reward those sites that go above the essentials in creating their pages and Marketing skills. **

**Websites Nominated for an Award will be chosen once a Month and the winner for that Month will be awarded a Website Certificate Award for that Month and the rights to use the Website of the Year Logo on their web page. **

**The Website of the Year will be chosen from the respectful Monthly Winners. **

**This Award will include the Certificate of Accomplishment, Logo, and a Life-Time Membership to the InterInternational Association of Certified Home Inspectors. **

**Website designs will be chosen based on these simple criteria’s: **

**Overall Appearance **
**Site Navigability **
**Quality of Content **
**Site Management and Communications **
**Logo Supportiveness in promotional efforts for the InterNACHI Association **
**Efficiency **

All members of the InterNACHI Organization are eligible.

We started off with accepting eight Nominations a month and reducing it to four weekly winners for the month.
That created a poll in the Awards Committee and for a while the participation was not all that welcomed.

We decided to post all eight Nominations for the Month and let the Members choose who they thought had the best website for that month.

Need not forget, that at the end of the Year, one of the 12 monthly winners will get a life time Membership in InterNACHI.

This a benefit provided the Members of this Association for you to only provide what you have worked so hard to accomplish. A Website that brings in clients.

OK, so let us all play the game here and take a chance at the lifetime Membership for presenting your Website for all to judge on it’s potential performance.

This is the bread and butter for some, so why not find out who has the best Website and judge for yourself as to why it is better.

We all learn by sharing our experiences and Websites is no different.

Now if there are some of you that wish to advise the Award Committee on any tweaking of the way the system is displayed, please feel free to say something.

In the meantime, we have a Poll for the Website of the Year for the Month of July, and only 23 Voters. Now come on, everyone. Participate and win.

If you don’t win, it is called interaction of Members. We all win when that happens.

Thank you all.

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley: