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What does everyone use for website hosting, SEO and general online presence services? There’s a service town square media affiliated with InterNACHI and ASHI who handles all that, whose reached out to get me to switch users. I’m currently using a basic hosting service who offers very little SEO and a basic website. I use some paid adds and social media to keep my web presence active.

Talk with Ian, he is a member here and does an awesome job.


Town Square got very rude when I told them I was going to use a different service. High pressure and very unprofessional. Then they called non stop. Ide never use Town Square.

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WordPress hosted on SiteGround.

Claiming affiliation with InterNACHI is virtually meaningless and does not imply an endorsement or that even basic vetting has occurred.

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Run as far away, as fast as you can from Townsquare Media. They are extremely unprofessional, and a quick Google search on “reviews for Townsquare Media” will show you that once you give them access to your domain you will be lucky to get it back again, as well as it is next to impossible to get them to stop charging your credit card long after you end your relationship with them. They didn’t do ANYTHING they said they were going to do for me, created a website that could have been done better by a 14 year old, and forced me to have to dispute credit card charges to get them to stop charging me. I think the InterNACHI affiliation is something they act like is initiated by InterNACHI, but I have a hard time believing that InterNACHI would offer us a company that has such absolutely despicable business practices. I could be wrong there because I didn’t ever follow up to research this directly with InterNACHI. However, my gut tells me these buffoons aren’t who InterNACHI would suggest we put our business marketing into the hands of. They are super nice until you sign on the dotted line. Then you can kiss your customer service goodbye.

I have my wordpress site hosted by Mainstreethost
They are a legit company that will shoot you straight. If you need more than hosting they can do SEO, website design/build, ads, etc.
My contact is Andrew (888) 874-3791 Ext. 2019