Website Review

Your home page has the word Call on it twice as does your about page. Remove the word Call from your website. People know when they see your phone number what they are to do. Every word that is meaningless subtracts from the meaningful words.

Your about page touts that you are licensed. All home inspectors in Texas are licensed. You might as well tout that you have a nose and 2 ears. All home inspectors in Texas have a nose and 2 ears.

Instead, distinguish yourself from everyone else.

What are you trying to say with that image on your about page? It looks like a stock image of a living room.

Make sure every image tells a story. Perhaps a PIC of you using a specialized inspection tool or opening a furnace panel would be better.

Your SEO is atrocious. And I can only see what I can see.


All inspectors in Texas are licensed. You might as well tell your visitor that you are no better or worse than your competitors.

Change your third dark box from “Annual Maintenance” which sounds like you offer maintenance and repair work to “Annual Inspections.”

If I recall, the Texas Real Estate Commission doesn’t permit you to put their logo on your site. I might be wrong.

Your site causes the visitor to put emphasis on price. You have the phrase “competitive pricing” and “free quotes” etc. De-emphasize your pricing (you’ll never be the cheapest I presume) and start competing on quality and why you are the best choice over your competitors. Try something like this:


Buying a home? It is probably the most expensive purchase you will ever make. This is no time to shop for a cheap inspection. The cost of a home inspection is very small relative to the value of the home being inspected. The additional cost of hiring an Blue Star Inspections is almost insignificant by comparison.

You have recently been crunching the numbers – negotiating offers, adding up closing costs, shopping for mortgages – and trying to get the best deals. Don’t stop now. Don’t let your real estate agent, a “patty-cake” inspector, or anyone else talk you into skimping on the home inspection. Blue Star Inspections performs the best inspections by far.

Blue Star Inspections earns their fees many times over. As the most qualified inspectors in Texas, we do more, we deserve more, and – yes – we generally charge a little more. Do yourself a favor and pay a little more for the quality inspection you deserve.

Blue Star Inspections"

You call yourself by different names on your home page. At the top of your homepage you call your company “Blue Star Real Estate Inspection Services” big at the top. Then other places you call your company “Blue Star Inspections.”

Which is it?

You might want to just let Erik build your website: . Tell him I sent you.

All great stuff from Nick, but I have one question…

You company name is Blue Star Inspections…

Where the hell is the BLUE STAR ???

Your ‘above the fold’ is blue background. Change it to white and get a BIG A-S-S BLUE STAR watermark on there!!

I played with your form. It’s horrible. Did you know the visitor MUST determine if the house is slab or post and beam or else the form gives and error and won’t submit?

Get rid of that thing.

Jeff is correct. Your logo is the cornerstone of your marketing. Go here: Logos | InterNACHI Marketing

I can go on and on, but in summary I’ll say this: You would not want my younger son Erik to inspect your home. And he wouldn’t want you to build his website. People have different skill sets in the world. Everyone is good at something. Now often a home inspector can create a C+ or B- website which might be fine. But your site is so bad that I recommend you email Erik immediately. You need help with it.

Wow. Thanks Nick. I really do appreciate the feedback. I had no idea. I get most of my work from my website. Now I’m interested to see how much more I can get with these improvements.

Nice. You can get a lot more from it.

^^^^^^^ get a professional logo & site
Erik does great work for my video!
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