Website Suggestions Needed

Hi… I was asked to post this in a new post/thread?? Not sure why but here goes…


I am in the beginning process of building my site. I want my site to be simple, easy to navigate and be between 5 - 8 pages. I will have a widget for PayPal and a form to use for Credit cards. I already have a great website builder and host.

I would like some suggestions/opinions/examples of such a site. Use yours if your are proud of it or someone else’s that you envy. Keep it simple please and Thanks in advance for the assist.

David DeVries
Wolfeboro, NH
From Website Suggestions - InterNACHI Inspection Forum

The only advice I can give is to be sure to know all the details before you tell your web designer to go forward with it. That means, choose a color and stick with it. Ask for a border and stick with it. Break down every detail, however simplistic it may seem, and tell them exactly what you want (within reason, of course). The reason I say this is because once it’s done it’s extremely difficult to make changes that to us seem “no big deal” but to web designers is a lot of work. So, for the sake of efficiency and maintaining a good relationship with your web designer, make your instructions simple, complete and consistent.
Hope this helps.

David just scroll on the MB here most everyone has there web site at the bottom like mine

Here’s mine, I have excellent SEO, Kate Tsarsenko thought I had a really good site but still had great suggestions on how to improve it. Have her look it over once you think it’s done. She’s awesome!

Thanks again… this Forum is a great wealth of info and I really appreciate you sharing with me.