Websites examples of Good ones???

I am trying to revamp my website to better show services I offer and need examples of successful websites that are working for other inspectors. Would you please recommend sites that you feel are well designed and /or are successful in attracting business? Any links shared would be very much appreciated! Thank you.:slight_smile:

A few successful sites for large cities. All these guys host their site with us but have done the SEO work themselves based on our tips & articles. #1 on Google for Dallas Home Inspector #2 on Google for Denver Home Inspector #1 on Google for Brooklyn Home Inspector #4 on Google for Chicago Home Inspector #1 on Google for Thermal Inspection #1 on Google for San Francisco Home Inspector #1 on Google for Atlanta Home Inspector

Just a few to get you started. Google rank will vary slightly from one computer to the next.

Good content, easy to navigate and gets high rankings due to the content.

Hope this helps; is #1 in Chicago for Chicago Condo inspection and Chicago Property Inspection.
Fancy bells and whistles not needed . is #2 for Chicago Home Inspector won website of the month in May. is a good example of how blogs can help your organic rank .

I can’t stress it enough … URL or something similar.

To see what the members think are the best web sites,
Look at each month winners and see if that helps your thinking… Roy