This is open to all inspectors that have used Weebly to build their website. Are any of you familiar with this program from Weebly and do you like it and has it helped in your business?:
Weebly Website Builder: Create a Free Website, Store or Blog

I’ve used it. It’s fine. The Best Choice For ​Your Temecula Home Inspection - Temecula Valley Home Inspection

I’ve used it for awhile with no problems.
Play with the program in the beginning and learn the ins and out a bit. then set up your webstie.

I used it to create my site (www.ogletreehi.com). This will change to a Wordpress site some time in February of 2018, BTW.

It’s great when you’re just getting started so that you will have a web presence of some kind, but simple (as it is) also means limited. Plan at some point to move up to a more professional-looking platform.

I built my site with it: highrangehome.com. I had ZERO web experience…

It’s good for a starter site but has limitations in certain aspects. Switching to WordPress later on after you build domain name reputation would be a good idea

I have a website here: Pacific Trends Home Inspection Services, LLC - Home but this “Promote” program is designed for promoting/advertising the business, not creating a website. Has anyone used this to help promote your inspection business?

Weebly is easy to use and it helped my business. I would go online and see what others have done with their websites and see if you can add a few things you like. Weebly is good for SEO also.