Weep holes needed???

The inside of this home on ground level has water damage on the wall. Should the brick have weep holes? Is that the problem? It’s a level yard so the water could be coming in against the house and sidewalk. Any thoughts appreciated.


Is this home solid masonry or veneer? You will typically not see any weep holes in solid masonry. Veneer on the other hand has to have weep holes to function properly.

This home is brick veneer I could not see any weepers yes it should have veepers

Brick veneer all bricks are full size with no tie bricks .
Brick veneer usually has weep hole but many years ago they used hemp Rope pieces to drain the water very hard to see these .

Solid brick has tie bricks locking the layers together .
See pictures below web site


So are you going to start drilling into the house without identifying the cause and source of water intrusion?

From your post information, it appears no consideration has been given.

The house doesn’t have gutters either. ???

you can see the mortar deteriorating on the left hand side of the conduit where there is stain running down. There is also a hole where the conduit is going into the home. Maybe investigate a little for where the water entry is coming from.

Quote from your website:

“I learned all about our home and it’s components from my Father, an engineer who taught me with a hands on approach as we constantly renovated, repaired, and improved our home.”

I would recommend asking your dad first before embarrassing yourself on the forum.

OP, you may want to update your online sample report. It looks an awful like the one below.



Any pictures of the interior water damage and surrounding area?

Weep holes are very rare on homes here , they are starting to put them in now . never really seen any problems though . The ones you do see are fill of mortar . One builder is using rope again .

Is hemp rope legal in USA .

Not sure Roy , It is probably cotton

It’s legal in Alaska, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington.

Roy hemp is used in the USA but not much , they need a special permit to grow it .

I see that a lot in older and some newer homes where the weep hole are not there. What do you say when no weep holes found? Do you recommend adding weep holes? Do you mention none exist and it should be monitored? How do we even know the brick or stone was properly installed to accommodate adding weep holes? Or if the house is 60 years old and shows no damage, say nothing? What is the best narration?

Do you recommend adding weep holes?
Not my job to tell them to add weep holes .
To easy to make a hole in the tyvekair blocker](tyvek air blocker - Google Search)
I would mention that there is no Weepers and let do as they wish .

Only if your smoking it! :-o

Do you know what it takes to make a weep hole after the fact?
Damage the interior of the wall and you really have a problem, and your the one recommending it.

If the house does not have them, unless you see a significant issue that you can document, this is outside the scope of Home Inspection.

In 2009 we had the great flood of Tn.
30% of the house damage came from some of the 19" of rain entering weep holes in houses that had them.

A weep hole is more about ventilation than a water conduit.
Improper placement causes more problems than helps.

In Nashville they were requiring weep holes, then stopped for a few years. Then started again. I have had the opportunity to observe houses about the same age both before, during and after the change in codes.

If you don’t have an associated issue, you have nothing to discuss.

“In Nashville they were requiring weep holes, then stopped for a few years. Then started again. I have had the opportunity to observe houses about the same age both before, during and after the change in codes.”

What did you conclude from your observation?