Weep holes

Are there little blue things WEEP HOLES? There are located on the outside of a chimney, there are small hole in the center, some have what appears to be a cap.

Hi Buck,

They don’t appear to be a location for weep holes.

Maybe anchors used to attach something?

Agree with Larry, anchor insert.

that is a tunnel hole for the common Walt Disney mortar bee.
Ok I agree with the others looks like a anchor they might have had a dish up there

I did not think they were in the right location either.


Look like anchors to me. However the distinct possibility that they are tunnels for Walt Dizzy Wanna Bees is entertaining. Reminds me of the time I was lifting off a chimney cap (not for inspection work) and had another worker on the roof. I realized he was allergic to bees the moment I pulled off the cap and flight of the bumblee music started. He was also afraid of heights. It took 3 ladders in 3 different places to get him down (took 10 minutes to just get him on the roof). Needless to say he obviously was not a good worker bee.
Also did anyone notice the cracks in the mortar??
John M. Wickline
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Maybe REAL SMALL chimney cleanout :mrgreen: