Weeping siding?

1995 colorado home. East side has three different areas where there appears to be water stains (dry at this time) coming from under the siding. On the interior living room windows, same side, there is water damage (dry at this time.) Structural floor dehumidification system is broken and moisture is found on ALL the walls, but the east wall is pictured. Unable to verify gutter system, too high for a ladder and too dangerous to walk.

One problem? Two? Three separate problems?

Who should I refer this one to? Structural engineer?

Any comments are welcome!





Rotting OSB?

IR inspection would/could really help.

Any idea what is on it for moisture barrier?

I like the IR idea. No vapor barrier on floor (common in CO) unverifiable in the wall.

Structural Engineer is for just that, engineering something of a structural nature, like Carl said an IR Scan would be a start, but I bet that whole house has rotted OSB every where, should have a contractor pop some siding off to see what degree it has turned to sawdust to begin with.

Then the ventilation issue, well, hard to remedy without being there to see the WHOLE picture…definitely a mess though.

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What is the siding material?

Hardboard (composit made to look like wood)

Moisture/condensation visibly verified interior, exterior, basement/crawl no need for IR to confirm what is evident. IMO

Consult a siding contractor to remove siding, evaluate for structural damage, submit estimate for proper re-installation and other required repairs, by the book for your region.

The apparent originating source humidity problems will also have to be addressed, possibly a building science design expert. All depends on what dehumidification systems are in place currently and what requires repair/replacement.

All should occur prior to closing…otherwise they’re just purchasing someone else’s problems.

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Barry beat me to it. More than just an exterior issue.