Weird framing for a Truss system, thoughts?

I didn’t NEED to apologize for mistaking you, Patrick, for Tim. But, I wanted to. I even offered to help you our best.

And you, Patrick, hand out the above? A lot thicker skin will be needed to enjoy participating here… It seems many may want to help with the fertilizer needed to grow it. :shock: :stuck_out_tongue: :mrgreen:

Again, good luck…

So how long exactly does it take to earn the title “Our Senior Inspector… With 10 years of home inspection experience” at your shop?

New math??

I expect Tim is your Father? Is there a reason you are not asking him this question first?

Yes I did. He has been busy with other projects of late and I wanted a second opinion since I wasn’t able to provide him with the photos I captured with my camera.
I posted in the forum before I started researching since I had another report to write, thinking a basic question would have a basic answer. I clearly underestimated the toxicity of the community.
I appreciate the honest and polite feedback that some of you have provided.

IMO you should have a “Sit Down” with him and a long discussion. After all it is apparently his company and his reputation if something goes wrong on one of your inspections. I would hope that he has some concern for this aspect and the well being of consumers?

Good for you Patrick. I like your initiative. Doing research and asking questions is a strong asset for a Home Inspector no matter how many years or acronyms they have behind their name.

Thanks John and Patrick ,

This forum has many great members that post a lot less then they used to do .
Seem like some members enjoy being not so nice and have lost the ability to be polite .