Weird web like stain on concrete

I know this is not a defect, however, i have never seen this it looks weird. It resembles termite tracks although itbis not. Mind you, this home was treated for a termite issue. I thank everyone for their input in advance.

Looks to me like mold/mildew growing in the cracks and blooming in spots.

And that would make almost perfect sense being the vinyl siding has mold/mildew all over it especially on the rear of the home. But the patio doesnt have any cracks. Just expansion joints. Is there brown mold?

Sure looks like cracks to me. I agree with Chuck.

it’s crazing & if no vb was installed ground h2o evaporation will occur through these points of least resistance

Bingo … Thanks Barry

Thats what Chuck said. Crazing is a form of cracking!