Weirdest Thing of the Week

Figured I’d start posting some things that commercial guys would want to know (or should know) and not get tripped up on during site visits. (I have to be careful and not identify the property.)

This week’s weird things:

  1. Upside-down glulams on 3-story exterior (wet service) decks in Vermont. Guys should always check orientations. Low hanging fruit.

  2. 56 year old low boy induction units, still in service, with no spare parts available on the market. Guys should know an induction system on sight, and be asking the questions: how old? where do you get your replacements from?

  3. Mish-mosh of Carlisle AFX fleece roof repair on top a legacy EPDM roof membrane. Technically it’s possible, but it sure looked weird.

  4. 48 year old chiller recently switched over to NU-22b. Your client would probably be well served if you went the extra step and reported to him how much less the chiller puts out now.