Welcome back Bob Wills (one of our original members has returned).

Welcome back home Bob.

Wher have you been, Bob?

He’s been over at ASHI, but he’s letting his ASHI membership lapse at the end of the month and he’s come back to us.

Bob was the first poster on this message board http://www.nachi.org/forum/users/?order=ASC&sort=joindate&pp=30

Got a link to the forum from then?
Those are just join dates.

I’ts good to be here! I was just reading some of the first messages I posted almost ten years ago, funny how time flies. The old messages can be accessed by doing a search in the archives.


Thanks Robert.
Helpful already.:slight_smile:

Ha! I knew you’d be back. :smiley:

Welcome home Robert .

Inportant information

Please all mark this date down Bobs Birthday is Sept 20th

Ah, now there’s a couple of names I remember! You knew I’d be back Joe? Don’t tell me, crystal ball? Roy, the birthday is way off thank goodness, lol. How’ve you all been? I’ve been good, except for taking off some time for major heart surgery, now they tell me I need a hip replacement. No one ever said getting old was a picnic, lol.


Hey Bob

Welcome back bud.

Thanks Paul,
Good to see your still here! Hope all is well!


I just figured you got the “Texas Playboys” back together Bob, and would return after you latest Tour. :smiley:

Welcome back Bob.

One of the things I remember from before is your fine avatar. :smiley:

Welcome back, Bob.

Brian, Gary, Larry,
Thanks for the welcome. Brian, I wish I had a dime for everytime someone asked me if I was related to Bob Wills from the Texas Playboys. Did you ever see the movie “Honky Tonk Man (1982)” with Clint Eastwood? He goes to Nashville to become a singer and meets Bob Wills. It was kind of odd watching a Clint the squint movie and hearing him say my name repeatedly, lol.


How old is your son these days?

Logan is 14 now. I don’t get to see him as much as I would like as he lives with his mother in Virginia. He is doing very well and is very bright, a trait he no doubt acquired from me, LOL. Thanks for asking.


Just curious, what would make a NACHI inspector leave and go to A$HI?

PHIC. They poisoned the well in Pennsylvania back then. That’s why we’ve been suing the $#!t out of them: www.nachi.org/phicscam.htm It keeps spreading to other defendants who, by settling with us, are making our attorneys rich.

We’ll eventually turn it into a class action as the damages to our membership in PA is in the hundreds of millions.

Then after that, I’m going in as a plaintiff personally and suing them all again.

Win or lose, (I always appeal, even if I win) we’ll file appeals to keep the legal meters running on both sides. It will never end (if I have anything to say about it).

Welcome back Bob, it has been a long time. :slight_smile: