Welcome back Bob Wills (one of our original members has returned).

Marcel, Another name* I remember well! How’ve you been? Hope all is well!*

*James, To answer your question " Why would you leave NACHI to join ASHI"? *

Well, to make a short story long, I would have started by saying that Nick can attest to my reasoning behind that. But first, let me say that I never actually left NACHI at that time, and was still a member at the time I joined ASHI. The reason for joining then was twofold. The main reason was that a group of ASHI members started a group in my area known as PHIC, or (Pennsylvania Home Inspectors Coalition). Their goal at the time was to insure that ASHI inspectors were superior in our area and to denounce NACHI as a home inspection org. They had such a stronghold here that I actually had real estate agents constantly asking if I were ASHI certified and of course would never get the job. I even had agents tell me that the property sellers were insisting that buyers only use ASHI inspectors. That being said, I set out to prove two things. One- That not only could I pass their tests and jump through their hoops to show all these agents that becoming ASHI certified is no big deal, but that ASHI inspectors are no better than NACHI inspectors at all. All they do is charge more for less benefits, period! I got nothing from being a member there other than more jobs from the real estate agents that believed in the illusionary status of ASHI members at the time. Having proved my point, I am confident that the agents that I have met through the years will continue to share a business relationship regardless of what org I belong to. I might add that belonging to a recognized home inspection organization is required by law in Pa. in which thankfully NACHI is. Hopefully, I have opened a door that shows the choice of a home inspectors affiliations should be to better themselves and not to accomodate others! Hope I answered your question well!


You did!