Welcome Back Linas

Good to see you re-upped. Some folks around here missed your wit…excluding Bob of course.

Thanks Mike, I’ll try to keep a low profile, unless someone (Bob) starts stalking me like he was over at the other board!!!:wink:

I even missed you too, Linas.:mrgreen:

I know you did. I never heard a grown man cry so much!! We you liquored up?

Now I know who Bob was talking about the other day.

Welcome back Linas!!!

Thanks Jeff,
Yeah, he’s got some issues, thinks people are stalking him. I’m glad I don’t smoke that stuff anymore.


Wow, that was fast, Google found me already
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02-08-2011, 07:06 PM

I rescinded my lifetime membership. I don’t miss the 2 JB’s BS and all the spin to sell memberships.

Bob I believe Mr.Marcus and Mr. Keller have their ducks in a row here. You need to go back to your amateur message board where your followers heed your advise. Sorry.

Would you quit stalking me now Bob? This is getting spooky.

Welcome back Linas.

Thanks Nick.

Did he cry after his links disappeared ?

Linus your buddy Meeker is missing you and could sure use some help over here.

Wow, I was just recently wondering where Linas went. Welcome back!

Yeah ,go hound him for a while.

Looks like Bushy has that one covered.:stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Robert.

Are you still following me Bob??? If I let you play with my Iphone will you go away?