Welcome to the Alberta Forum

Welcome to the Alberta only forum. This is where we can discuss Alberta only issues. This site is password protected and therefore will remain private and confidential. Thanks to Chris and Nick setting this up for us.

Dan Levia
President, Alberta InterNACHI

I like it now we can discuss and post some private stuff.

The CMI evaluation file exceeded the size limits set for uploads.
I have made some changes to these files as of 2011.06.21 13:05.
Chris is going to compress the file so I can upload it.
In the mean time if you want an update send me a request via email.

Good to see it up and running…Thanks guys.
We’ll chat later.

Great work as usual.

If you click on the thread tools at the top of this thread and click on the subscribe you will get an email every time a new comment is added. Saves checking the thread and clicking on the address notice will take you directly here.
Of course you all new that.

Right? :slight_smile:

Got this today: