Welcome to the dead zone of the InterNACHI message board...

… doesn’t get much quieter than this. :neutral:

Nathan isn’t here :slight_smile:

This is everything I hoped it would be on creation.

I think it’s a joke of sorts. I don’t quite get it though.

In that case the Conspector forum would have been funnier.:slight_smile:
At least Mike M would have been here.

Where have you been? It’s been this way for a long time after 8:00 or 9:00 central time.

I wonder why? I have pretty good feeling why.

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I love articles that have been posted. What it needs are for contractors to start asking questions of other contractors. Maybe Nick can create a fake member like some others have done or just play stupid and ask questions that he already knows the answers to.

I think ya should bring Larry Curley and Mo over here

Kelison Larson and Bushy:twisted:

Why spoil a good thing ,We do not need the B.S. here

I hope it stays this way. Having contractors posting and marketing on a home inspection message board is a bad idea!

Contractors are the ones home inspectors have conflicts with on a daily basis.

To late.

Charley is here.

Come on Curley cut me some slack I am just a old man acting like superman:shock:

I don’t have a problem with them do you I just tell them how the cow eats the cabbage;-)

Charlie was that really necessary? At least you got me as Larry, since my middle name is Lawrence I can live with that.:wink:


Yes I think it is necessary if the shoe fits ya gotta wear it;-)

Larry was second only to Joe as the worst stooge…so I guess that would be a compliment! :smiley: :smiley:

Since this is such a raging success, how about starting a vendors only section? :shock:

LOL…I suggested that and got ridiculed …oh well…LOL.

Heck in another thread about 5 year pins, I even offered to buy Charlie a Red Hat. I don’t think he saw that…oh well, I tried, and my offer still stands:cool:


maybe if You learned to spell his name He might pay attention…just sayin…