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Hi Nick,
This is the kind of thing we have not done before. Lets talk about what you are thinking on the phone and see what is best. One thing for sure we want to help automate the process for our customers

I just got off the phone with my Chris, and it looks like he’s almost done on our end.


Any word on this feature?

Hi Ian,
Please see post #30 in regards to new features. As of right now tracking expenses would need to be done in your quickbooks or accounting software.

Got it, thanks :slight_smile:

I been using ISN for a little more than a year now. Sure makes a one man shop a snap. The phone app is very easy and powerfull. It lets me take the office on the road.

I would like to see a map ICON on the main mobile page instead of having to opening each inspection detail to click on link.

ISN does track your mileage.

ISN is one of the best aspects of our business. I use it and love it. I am sure that I am only using it to about a quarter of its capabilities. I look forward to getting much better at it and making the features work even better for me.

InterNACHI members get to try it for free for 90 days: http://www.nachi.org/isn.htm

After 10 years of doing all of this myself, I’m glad to say I finally broke down. Can’t wait to utilize this service.


I may just get some of my life back…

Hey Chris,
How about sellers agent on the grid?

Hi Bruce,

We have a space issue on the grid(so people don’t have to scroll) and many ask to have less information so we do not see having the sellers agent on the grid at this time. Hope this makes sense

Mark! Nice!! Our team is looking forward to working with you!

I wanted to thank Z again for her time yesterday. The couple hours of one on one training was great.

We are lucky to have Z as a trainer. She is Amazing! :slight_smile:

Who is on the fence regarding ISN? I’d like to talk to you personally and find out what it would take for you to try it: www.nachi.org/isn.htm

Email me at: fastreply@nachi.org

I prefer email, but if you won’t sign up for free until you talk to me personally… then talk to me personally. Here is my cell: (720) 272 8578. I’m available now.

Couple of questions on fees.

  1. Lets say I completed an inspection for a client and collect the fee through ISN. Then they call back and want the 4pt and wind mit that I recommended at the first point of contact or want a reinspection. Is there a $4 fee to bill the same client again for these new inspections or reinspections on the same property?

  2. Do inspectors use this system for lower fee insurance inspections? $4 out of $100 wind mit or $125 4Pt or $75 Roof cert seems high. But if I use a system to track everything, I should track EVERYTHING. Then is it worth $250 or so a month? Does it save that much time or does it add time? I’m out of time as it is.

  3. Owners with several properties all wanting 4pt/wind mits. Is the ISN fee per property, per owner? Again, this would be for complete tracking. I know you can just use ISN for certain inspections, but then you lose the full tracking ability, right?

  4. Almost forgot. If I book an inspection, use the services and they cancel at the last moment, is the fee still due to ISN?


You need to call Isn with a list of questions.

The fee is for the completed inspection. if it cancels, no charge.

If you set it up right, you schedule the address with the different services ( hi, termite, wind MIT etc) with the different associated charges. even if you go back at a later date and add a service, you can go back to the original scheduled appointment and add it.

Hope this helps.

Mike! You Rock! Thank you for answering Clint’s questions :slight_smile:

Clint, Welcome to ISN! We are certainly here for you. I am happy to address each one of your concerns. I am also happy to set you up for your training session as we offer a FREE 2 hour training session to get your ISN up and running. I’ll shoot you an email and we can go from there.

Sound Good? - Michelle :slight_smile:

P.S. long time no talk to my friend :slight_smile: