Well and septic inspections

What does the well and septic inspections all
Consist of? I do not want to miss anything. Obama new home inspector.

Not many wells in my area, so I don’t mess with them.
I tell clients to contact XYZ Environmental Septic Service for septic/aerobic inspections.

I asked this same question a few months back. @jdepiero is a great source for the septic part. He helped me out with great information.
Good luck!

Hi Richard, in my area, we have a lot of septic tanks. I offer a visual inspection of the Septic tank. In Ohio, we need to take a state test for Septic. Ohio has great records of septic tanks going back 50 years. I have access to the state and county websites to get the site drawings, date of pumpings etc. This helps in looking for tanks etc. I include this information with the inspection report.
Make sure to use a separate agreement for both well and septic.
InterNachi offers excellent courses for both Well and Septic. Your state may offer courses also.
Good Luck

ok thanks. but i am in pennsylvania.