Well DUH...

Background: I’m a techy guy. I was in engineering and programming, project management, program mangagement for 25+ years. I’ve also done digital event photography professionally for several years.

So about a year ago I got a new Nikon Coolpix 4800 digital camera for the inspection biz as the previous camera passed away. And it wasn’t until about a MONTH ago that I discoverd that it does voice memos. DUH! that’s what I get for thinking I’m too smart to read the manual. I went back and read the manual for my old camera to see if I was stupid then too, but it did not do voice memos.

Check and see if your camera does it. If it’s a Nikon probably yes, and others may very well do it too.

I take a shot of a defect, hit the display last image button, hit the shutter button, record a voice memo about the location and nature of the defect, hit the display button again and it’s ready for the next shot. The camera records a .wav file with the same file name as the .jpg image. I down load all and just click on the .wav file to hear what I recorded. I no longer take hand written notes at the inspection and the camera will play back the voice memo if I need to let the customer hear it at the inspection. I’ll never use a camera without that feature for inspections again.

OMG that’s pure genius! You get a slap on the wrist for not figuring that out sooner!

Is there a way to put together a report so that the photos speak?


I’ve been using the function on my camera for a couple of years now. I take a picture of an appliance, dictate the model number and serial number, and move on. Then I have my VRS translate the digital voice to text, check the CPSC for recalls, and create my free appliance package that I then give to my Clients after close of escrow.

Very cool, thanks for sharing, will definitely look for this feature in my next camera.

Yes, but it comes out like a Japanese movie, hard to synchronize the talking walls, doors, windows, plumbing fixtures, furnace, etc etc with the voice. :wink: the lips on those things are bugger to work with. :wink: