We'll finance this home for anyone who wants it. Nothing down. Good rental income.

We bought it back with the “We’ll Buy Your Home Back” Guarantee.

It would make a nice rental. Detached garage.

This one’s gonna ite you in the arse.

This one’s gonna bite you in the arse.
No wonder the buyer walked… they finally woke up.
Virtually every other home on that block is $50k less in value!

Why was it bought back? What was missed?
Looks awful small for 1,800 SF.

Includes basement SF.

You mean they are counting that old leaky block foundation as livable floor space?:mrgreen:

Storm shelters count…don’t they

It appraised at sales price. Maybe they are counting the detached building that it comes with.

You couldn’t buy 1/2 of an empty lot for $125K in Boulder, CO.

Anyway, this is a very nice home:

You couldn’t buy a outhouse for $125K in Los Angeles. :slight_smile:

It is a nice home
Realtors around here will count any inch of the house as livable if you allow them to.
Plenty of yard space to install egress windows for basement bedrooms.

Why not just rent it out?

A member is contacting the listing agent today to try to put together a deal where InterNACHI carries the financing.