Well, I never imagined we'd grow so big that we'd need a forklift...

… but we’re getting a forklift. Thanks to our distributor Inspector Outlet, our product sales keep growing.

LOL perhaps your growing old and don’t want to man handle everything . Just kidding great news about getting bigger.

Really? You guys fall for these comments? We are soooo big that “inspector tools” needs a forklift…HAHAHAHAHAHA…was that for the IRS Nick? Nick want a forklift because they are cool to have around. Notice what he does on the weekend with those “stoves”…getting heavy in his old age.

Its freakin Toy and Nick is a guy who likes this kinda stuff…so why not? Kinda like when I tell my girlfriend my eyes are getting so bad I need the 100" TV just to the games properly…

He can justify it any way he wants (Not that he has to).

So yes Mr. IRS, this is for “inspector tools” use only…LOL…Got it!

God bless and enjoy it…you deserve it

More than 1/2 are www.nachi.org/now.htm books. About 1,500 ship out to members every business day… and growing. On top of that are marketing pieces, Spectoscopes, tablecloths and banners for real estate event booths, textbooks for the schools, literature for meetings, report binders, etc.

Everything that ships out, had to ship in.

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Next thing you will need is a Crane to load containers on trucks that get loaded on container ships to other parts of the world. Is there no end to to the books, flyers, brochures, banners ect flying out of the InterNachi warehouse.

Like your new recreational mobile entertainment center, um…er…mobile inspector truck…:mrgreen::mrgreen::wink:

I’m frankly jealous of both of you nice toys!

I unloaded about 100 cases of Now That You’ve Had a Home Inspection books the other day by hand…and do it about once a week these days. We’re more than ready for a forklift. :smiley:

When does the private Inachi jet arrive?:cool:

We’re installing conveyor rollers first. That should make things easier on shipping.