Well inspection

I have not completed a well inspection yet, attached is a picture. What are you guys looking for on well inspections? Thanks

Well (pun intended), first thing I look for is the Well. You ain’t found it yet.

Start with the unprotected Romex.

Yeah, I did not take a picture of that, it is in front yard within 15’ of the house. I believe it should be 30’ away?

Galvanized fittings, missing sediment valve,missing pressure valve.

In Missouri, the well can be 10 feet away from a foundation.

And around here the septic tank can be 5 feet away from a foundation…

And each area differs as Wells and Septic can be as close as 25-50 feet to each other, and 75ft to 100ft from a drainage ditch or source to ground water (creek, stream, river, pond, lake, etc.).

Around here, the well has to be 100 feet from the Septic.

Look closely at ALL electrical. I worked with a well digger a few summers ago.

Undoubtedly one of the best plumbers, and well diggers I have ever known.

Likely the** WORST** electrical practices I have ever witnessed! The dude kept 3M in business with about 200 feet of electrical tape per job, didn’t believe in wirenuts, wire size didn’t matter.

What is the easiest way to tell the difference in what type pump-piston, jet, or submersible? The submersible will obviously not be seen so this is not that…

Galvanized fittings, missing sediment valve,missing pressure valve.

Marcel-What is the standards for the sediment and galv? Galv should not be used due to corrosion, I assume. Thanks

So you can see the pump? What does it look like?

A submersible is best, IMO. It’s better to “push” than to “pull”. You would just see the wires going into the well head for submersible.

An external pump should have a check valve to prevent air lock.

Got a pic of the pump?




Michael, The well has the pipe coming from the ground about 16-18" above, so I cannot see the actual pump. so, I assume it is a submersible pump. Not much I can really check except running water and verify the pump kicks on at set levels? I will take another pic when I go back tomorrow to pick up radon test.

Thanks Jeff!

okay, I must have misunderstood post #10. " The submersible will obviously not be seen so this is not that…". I thought you were saying it was not submersible. So sounds like you did the right thing :smiley: