well line to house

I’m drawing a blank. (it is late) What is the proper term for the black plastic line that typ. runs from the well to inside the house?

Hello, southern Michigan…well lateral pipe works for me.

It’s usually just referred to as black service pipe.

I just refer to it as the main water line.

HDPE Tubing Service Pipe:

Polyethylene Tubing has many distinct advantages over other types of service pipe. It will not rust, rot or corrode. It has exceptional toughness, excellent resistance to abrasion and will flex repeatedly without damage. CTS Polyethylene Tubing is designed for 200 P.S.I.
IPS Polyethyethylene is offered in four different working pressures 100,125,160, and 200 P.S.I.

Its pressure rating remains unaffected by mild nicks and scratches that may occur during installation. The insulating qualities of Polyethylene help to prevent water from freezing inside the pipe. Should freezing occur, thawing should be done with steam or hot air.

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Well service line…

Well service entry pipe…

Well water feed line…

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