Well Pump System Question

Ok Im trying to fing an answer to this. I have seen homes with well systems that have a open top 100plus gallon storage tank? in the system. Im familiar with the pump air tank with the bladder that regulates water flow and cycling of the pump and the fact they can come in a bladder air tank and a water tank with 30/40 psi of air in the top but the open storage tank in line with the pump Im not familiar with.
Am i over thinking this and its just a storage tank? Is anyone familiar with this?
Sorry i have no photos but its a blue open to the top tank plumbed in line with the pump after the pump.

I hope that system is for irrigation only and not household potable water.
Any open top would allow contaminates in.
Not sure how you could get adequate pressure with that setup either.


The only thing like that hooked up to well sytem is the aerator, but that has a lid with holes all the way around it

Are you sure it is not a cistern for an irrigation pump?

could you find a similar system online and post a photo?

A pump which pumps water into a storage tank positioned high, sometimes in atttic or above roof line and water simply flow/trickle down to fixtures.

Doesn’t work too well for residential applications around here due to the freezing temperature in winter but I’ve seen it used for cottages.

I believe some small town uses that system.

After further investigation Ive come to find out its an aerator tank. The lid was not on it. I was not familiar with aerator tanks but understand them to function as a way to help release sulfer from the water, is that correct?

Yes, that’s one way of doing it…needs to be oxidized.

Much appreciated ! I think, everything is okay now.