Well sample agreement

I just started in business in July. It is slow and I have had a few requests for well testing. I do not want to test wells (that is what the lab is for), but could do the sampling. I am thinking about adding this service, but need more information. Does anyone have a pre-inspection agreement for water well sampling that you would share with me? Here in Illinois there are many farm homes that have wells that have been exposed to runoff (mine included). I send a sample off to the lab every once in a while just to be sure it is ok. Terry

I just have this statement in my standard agreement:

WATER/AIR SAMPLING– WE will take a water or air sample for analysis by a third party laboratory at your request. The client understands that WE are only taking a sample and that the laboratory is responsible for determining the results.”

Once I took a sample without doing a home inspection and didn’t use a contract at all. Probably should. Let’s see if someone has one just for that.

I call the county health department in the county in which I am inspecting in and schedule for the test. I pay the fee up front and then invoice the client and add 15 dollars to the fee for setting it up. Two minute phone call made 15$

You have to be careful not to contaminate the sample or take the sample improperly which will result in the need to retake the sample. You may want to mention that in your contract and as such you bare no responsibility for taking the sample. It is also a good caveat to suggest seasonal testing for the firt year to establish a base line.

Hire someone to take a sample who bears no responsibility for proper sample taking? I don’t think I sign anything like that.

I prefer to direct client to use state approved sevices as was said previously.

If you’re not sure here is info by state