Well sampling course coming to a NACHI Chapter near you.

Have you returned to flying?

And will you be drinking bottled water on the plane?

Lots of wells here Joe, especially up near Dale. :slight_smile:


If you’d like me to come for a Saturday Seminar, I’d be happy to go.


Thats really funny…

spoke with Mr. Bob Archer, 573-368-2171 who works for MO DNR Well Head Protection Division who is responsible for the testing of Water today. He stated that the course, in his opinion, would work for his requirement. In Newton & Jasper County, where I live, it is required that tests be conducted for Lead & Cadmium, which is required for official results for water sampling. Only in certain areas are the lead & cadmium results required. He did state that we needed some type of completion verification would be required.[FONT=Arial][FONT=Arial] [/FONT]


Question - Every time I try to post a response in any topic in the “General Section”, it won’t let me do so and gives me a message box telling me I may not be logged in or not have permission to view or reply to those topics.

But every other section I go to - Education, Specific Tips, etc lets me do so just fine - anybody got any thoughts???

For only 289.00 you can go to the other sections and this month only you can Become a "certified " inspector " by completing a few minor quizes if you cant pass them have some one else take them for you, nobody will ever know] and promising to do other non verified requirments in the future.:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

LJ Ross, there is a tutorial at the bottom of www.nachi.org/loginconfusion.htm that might help.