Well & Septic Agreements/limitations?

Does anyone have a good well & septic agreement/limitations they wouldn’t mind sharing?

As far as the septic system goes unless you actually open up and pump the tank you just can’t do a real inspection of the system. The dye tests MAY help indicate the system has already failed but that’s about it. I would be very careful to manage the clients expectations if you’re doing anything less that pumping the tank and getting down and dirty. I think this has been discussed already. Do a search for “septic”. Hope this helps.

One of the countys I’ll be inspecting in requires all Septics to be inspected when the house sells. They are only requiring a dye test. I’m hoping someone has some good limitations I can go off of to make my own. I understand the liabilty issue with this and I wanna make sure to cover my butt as much as possible!

The state of Missouri basically sets the limitation for me by making me use their forms.