Well testing

I would like to add well testing to my services. Where and how would I get the process, procedures, training and tools? Also what fees are being charged for this service?

Joe Farsetta has the training and certification seminar. He has it on CD as well. Email him for a list of dates and places he has scheduled.

Subcontract it out and get a referral fee. Have the contractor there the same time as you. Saves having to buy a lot of stuff and get a lot of training and you can concentrate on what you do best. The client’s appreciate you making all the arrangements and it’s only fair that you collect $25 from the contractor for the referral and making the arrangements. (Disclose the arrangement in your Inspection Agreement.)

Great idea.

Get a list of certified well samplers who have graduated from Joe Farsetta’s class from him. As one of them, I would happily pay for the referral, but I don’t go that far north.

Mr. Mull, are you talking about “well testing” or water sampling. There’s a distinct difference.


The testing is done by the lab. The sampling and transfer is done by a certified well sampler.

To me, well testing is pressure testing, flow rate determination, casing measurement, pump type and age determination, etc.

The other is water analysis. That’s the easy part.

Do you do offer this service?



Absent of a well driller’s log, the well would need to be evaluated to document static level, casing depth, well depth, draw-down level, etc.

What are you subbing out?

Also, unless you are actually certified by your state as a lab, I do not recomend performing any asctual analysis. You analyze samples?


Are you the mam on this topic? I already do water samplings and send them to a lab. I’m looking at add well testing and maybe septic too. I have had several request and I don’t want to loose the general home inspections.

Do you provide the trainging and/or a CD?

I take water samples to a certified lab, the lab sends me the results, and I forward them on to the client.

I sub out anything else they want done about the well to a well drilling and service company. I also sub out septic inspections in which the septic is pumped and a certification letter is granted (IMHO, I don’t think there is any other legitimate way to evaluate a septic system other than pumping it). Both of those cost the client about $200 each.

I well test, and it is not a water test but a camera inspection all the way to the bottom of the well casing…$245.00

How is that valuable to your client?


What do you mean by “well testing”?

I do have a CD that goes through well construction, functional flow testing, contaminents, sampling, emerging protocols, site documentation, QA/QC programs, well operations (including pumps, cycle times, components, etc), etc.

What are you looking for?


Yes, that sounds like it. Will it provide me with what I need to know and how to preform the requested “well test”? By my question one can see I’m not sure what a well test is or what is to be reported on. I would like to add this service and I want to do it right.

Any help would be good. How can I get your CD?

I’ve been trying to schedule an actual CLASS in Pennsylvania. I would actually like to teach about 30 inspectors or so this important information. Any ideas for a good location?

Otherwise, one can purchase the CD.

Either way, PM me or send an e-mail to jjf10965@yahoo.com