Well the BS got a little bit deeper than usual today



Spent the morning imaging the scrotums of 40+ breeding bulls for a multi-national genetics company. You never know where thermography work will take you. I wonder if Nick will create a Nachi logo/merit badge for “Scrotum Examiner”???


This big guy here is a 2,200lb Brahman clone. I can’t imagine what he’s worth.


It made for an interesting day. Now I just need to tune the images for the vet.


Ur *****ng bord…Say yes!

I don’t know what the above comment is supposed to mean. Looks interesting!

Lol that’s awesome and can’t wait to correspsonding logo

:lol: Hopefully no lick test involved. :lol:


Hey, that looks like my scrotum.

Insuring good semen quality.

Looks like you had a BALL.

He did.

A sack full