Well this wasn't on the seller disclosure!

Fix and flip, with the typical shotty work…
Buyer cancelled half way through the inspection…, now realtor is trying to see if there is any retribution toward seller for time wasted, inspection fee wasted, realtor time wasted, etc… the seller disclosure is a legal contract…

Hint #2

Hint #3 (brand new siding at gable)

#4 (smoke residue at opposite end of home)


And they put on a brand new roof over these trusses(I didn’t even bother checking their integrity, because I knew buyer would walk)

Seller Disclosures are generally useless.
Their Signature simply certifies that the listed conditions are “TO THE BEST OF THEIR RECOLLECTION OR KNOWLEDGE”.

Guess what?


right. But he obviously bought it after the fire and fixed it up…
oh well, seller is obviously hoping an inspector wont notice, or that a buyer will come along without an inspector… (and then probably get sued a month later)

Crazy stuff, good catch, I bet the client will hire you for the next house!


Good luck proving that!
(Not your job)!

Hello Jeffrey,

This is a great meme. I laughed so hard I nearly pissed my jean shorts. Do you mind if I use this meme myself?

Thank you.

I stole it off Google, so feel free to go piss yourself to your hearts content… at your own risk of course!! :wink:

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lol shtt, good job Jeff n get paid

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I had a similar situation a while back. I my client contact the fire department for possible details. She did and found out a WHOLE LOT from the fire chief.

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Yep, he said he would, I usually give a 20% discount on second. I wonder what everyone else does?

I don’t discount 2nds, 3rds, 4ths. I offered once in my first year of business and the client said:
Heck no! Do you realize how much money and grief you have saved us!
Since that day I have never thought of discounting for repeat business.


Sounds about right, Daniel. :smile:

Yep! That’s a very good point! I try to never scare someone away from a property, but I have had several that I’m glad they walked, and a couple that I was floored to hear they moved forward!

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You never know, you’ve got to let the client decide… someone will go: hey, you’ve got fire damage, give me $50,000 off and it’s a deal.


I didn’t see any specific questions about the house fire, so I thought I didn’t have to mention it…

Great paint job:

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OMG Larry! you’re sooo picky!

PS: there’s lot more than paint smear in that pic :smiley:

Yea but at 50’ it looks real good!

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Yep, somehow the small details didn’t matter anymore… haha

Ya think?.. :smiley: