Well Water

Is this what well water is???:smiley:



I think the agent referred to that as a built in aquarium…

Worst part about this is that the agent is the buyer:shock:

Do you think by adding covers may help or is there a need to put drains in?
Is the enough slope on that side of the house?

Yup, that’s well water.

Most window wells are made simply to keep the grading away from the window area.


Covers will not help in keeping water out of any window well. Covers were designed to keep leaves and snow out of he well. When there is water accumulation in this area, the water will seep right into the well through the abutting transition area.

The correct method in keeping water out of this (or any other) well, is to divert or convey the actual water that is creeping towards this type of area.

David said it, but there is a negative slope toward the house (a serious one). The picture above is only one of three areas in the basement where water is coming in. There was also a foundation problem where water was flowing in (like a river), and also water coming in above the foundation in another area (same thing, flowing). I actually took a video of it because there was so much. The wall actually looked like a large water feature.

P.S. This is the one near you.

It is definitely well water, with an economical styrofoam float. :wink:

I knew I forgot something in my report :slight_smile: . I better make that phone call, thanks Richard you just ruined my day:( :smiley:

What are we looking at, i can’t tell from the pictures?

Try this Ken.


It has a way built in to get the water out, Open the window.

This should help :slight_smile:

Jack, Nice thinking outside the box :wink:


Very Thrifty! :wink:

Wow, an indoor water fall! This house offers a very unique design, and creates for a relaxing atmosphere. I wish I had more houses like this, since it will go fast. Better make an offer today, and don’t delay by getting a home inspection!


P.S. Practicing for becoming a real estate agent.

When I was doing foundations any window below grade would have a vertical peice of weeper attached and run down to the weeper running around the house to allow the window wells to drain. But that is a nice ocean view!

All you need to do is through in a few fish, and you’ve got yourself a redneck aquarium.

and a fish fry when it drains :mrgreen: