Well water

It’s a possibility that my next inspection will be well water source. Does anyone has an quick tips on what to check for? Thanks

Spend 1/2 a day on research courses on the InterNet and you should have a good understanding of it.

I try to look at the well (often it’s in an enclosure in the yard) as there are often electrical defects or leaks there. Look for leaks at the pressure tank. Recommend a clear covered whole house filter if they don’t have one. Identify the main water shutoff. Check for sediment in the toilets (sign of a lack of filtration). I disclaim the well itself and recommend a water quality test (that I offer for an added fee). Check the pressure and test for “functional flow” (water will run at multiple fixtures simultaneously).

Usually there is a septic system whenever there is a well. Disclaim that also.

Thank you very much!!

I took Joe Farsettas course a couple years ago, and it opened my eyes to the proper “Chain of Custody” that should be maintained,
as well as the prescribed steps in obtaining a reliable water sample for your client.
I’ve attached a couple of documents I use, when I take private well water samples for people.

Yes that was a very good course and WELL recommended by me.


Thanks mate i was really looking for suggestions and tips as i am going for the same task.

I sub it out to a local guy who knows what he’s looking at and how to properly test the system. He also chlorinates the well before sampling and sends me the test results. If the clients are there, he’ll show them how to maintain the system. Usually spends 30-45 minutes with them showing them the ins and outs of the system. Money well spent.:wink:

Thanks for share

You should definitly have a disclaimer in the report for the items not checked at the inspection. Flow test, potability, color, taste. Just to name a few. It saved my *** a month ago. A client wanted a potibility test completed. I asked about flow testing and they figured they didn’t need it. I got a call from them saying there well would go dry if they filled the bathtub. They figured I should have to pay for it. I had disclaimed it in the report and pointed that out to them. JMO