Well Yield

I am doing a little research for a buyer. Does anyone know what an appropriate sustained well yield would be for a family of 4?

All insights would be greatly appreciated.



around 4 gallons per minute is what I recommend. If testing the well it should sustain 4 gallons a minute for approx. 20 minutes.

I have always held 4 gallons per minute
for 60 minutes
and record yield after 1 hour…

your market may vary…

Thanks all,

This is great information.

I appreciate it.



Up here in the hills I find them as low as 1 gpm, but then they add a cistern and feed the pressure pump from that - works ok.

How do they take a shower? or no shower?

Seen many and they seem to last for years .
Here it is called a trickle system 1,000 gallon storage … Roy

In my state, that’s all spelled out based on type of occupancy and load. Are you sure your state doesn’t have a table of requirements buried somewhere in the regs?

Just found this…


And this (pages 9 through 11)